e-Learning: EU GMP Guideline Chapter 2 | Personnel



Qualified personnel is an important GMP requirement!

This e-learning module provides an overview of the GMP requirements regarding personnel as set out in the EU GMP guideline.


e-Learning: EU GMP Guideline Chapter 2 | Personnel


Qualified personnel is an important GMP requirement!

The GMP requirements for personnel can be found in Chapter 2 of the EU GMP Guidelines. Personnel must be available in sufficient numbers and must be trained regularly. What rules and specifications are there and how can they be implemented in practice? What rules of personal hygiene are important?


In this module, you will learn about important GMP requirements for personnel and how to implement them in practice.
You refresh your GMP knowledge from training courses you have already completed.

Online short assessment and certificate

At the end of the module you may complete a short assessment. If you reach a passing score of at least 80%, you will receive your certificate via email.



      • General requirements for personnel
      • Personal hygiene
      • Training
      • External Consultants


  • Employees of human resources departments
  • Employees with personnel responsibility
  • Employees who plan and/or conduct training courses
  • Employees who are responsible for personal hygiene measures
  • Employees of external companies who work for GMP areas


  • Interactive exercises
  • Self-paced learning right at your workplace
  • Glossary of helpful terms and explanations
  • Suitable as initial training, but also as refresher training or follow-up training
  • With certificate


  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Active Ingredients
  • Contract manufacturers
  • Sales
  • Logistics
  • Suppliers


Individual solution

This e-learning module can also be customized by our learning engineer team for your company with your internal information (e.g. contact details), content (e.g. organizational charts, schedules, forms, leaflets) and your corporate identity. Feel free to contact us!


Single license with a 365 day term.


e-Learning: EU GMP Guideline Chapter 2 | Personnel


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