a-Learning: Risk Management: An adaptive introduction



Risk Management Fundamentals

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a-Learning: Risk Management: An adaptive introduction


From Risk to Success – Intelligent Control

In an increasingly dynamic and complex business world, the ability to identify, assess, and effectively manage risks is critical to the success of businesses and organizations. The EU GMP guidelines also call for the use of risk management in an increasing number of areas.

This adaptive learning module is designed to give you an understanding of the fundamentals of risk management while addressing your individual learning needs. We invite you to engage in an interactive and adaptable learning experience that will allow you to gradually build your knowledge and develop practical skills in managing risks.

Resilience through effective risk management

Risk management encompasses all measures for the systematic identification, analysis, evaluation, monitoring and control of risks. Possible areas of application in the pharmaceutical environment are, for example, the qualification of plants and validation of processes, in quality control, throughout the supply chain and for monitoring the performance of suppliers.



  • What is a risk?
  • What is risk management?
  • Objectives and measures of risk management
  • Regularien
  • Areas of application of risk management
  • The risk management process at a glance
  • Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) for risk identification
  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) for risk analysis
  • Risk communication and risk monitoring
  • What are the steps in which risk management takes place?
  • When does risk monitoring take place?



  • You will learn about the components of the risk management process according to the ICH Q9 guideline, which is contained in Part III of the EU GMP Guide.
  • The module deals with the methods of fault tree analysis (FTA) and failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA) as examples.



  • Employees tasked with managing risk management processes
  • Employees involved in risk management processes
  • Employees who deal with risk management issues in quality units



  • Adaptive learning module
  • Self-paced learning
  • With certificate



  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Active substances
  • Contract manufacturers
  • Contract laboratories
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Logistics
  • Subcontractors




Individual solution

This adaptive learning module can also be customized by our learning engineer team for your company with your internal information (e.g. contact details), content (e.g. organizational charts, schedules, forms, leaflets) and your corporate identity. Feel free to contact us!



Single license with a 60 day term.


a-Learning: Risk Management: An adaptive introduction


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